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It is very necessary to read Quran complete at least one time in life with proper Tajweed , but now a days as every one is in hurry in his life chores and not have enough time to go to any Islamic Institute for reading Quran.Beside this there is another important reason that is why majority of Muslims are unable to read Quran becuase at some places of World this is difficult to find out a Qari for kids, so we decided to make this happen by teaching online Quran Reading to every age of males and females.We have Male and Female staff of Qari's, Aalim's, Hafiz's, Aalima's those are giving their noble services to teach Holy Book Of Islam from a computer to Muslims of any age from every corner of World.Onlne Quran reading is very easy now after having Internet Connection with you.You can read,recite,Hifz Holy Quran from any where in the World. 

Allah Said in Quran : "Recite in the name of Your Lord,Who Created(Surah Al-Alaq-Ayat#1)" 

Online Quran Reading Tutor’s teaches only single class at a time so our students from all over the World can get proper learning with attention.Your Kids read Quran under friendly environment from Hafiz and Aalim Qari.Our Tutors are well qualified and through online reading you can build very good accent of Arabic by Tajweed and recitation of Quran daily from Our Quran Tutors.

Benifits of Learning Quran Online

Being a muslim we consider the basic purpose of Quran is what is right or wrong or halal and haram. Its essential to everyone to have faith in ALLAH along with his last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and all Holy sacred books. The internet is the way of communicating the islam true information and true guidelines in short span of time without going away from home. 

You can make better your Tajweed, Tarteel and Tafseer by listening online video. You can complete your Quran courses by learning Quran online and in the end you get the certificate as well.Online Quran Reading is the best thing if you are so much busy and no choice left to teach Quran yourself. 

At any place you are you can read Quran online very easily no need to travel from one place to other .No restriction of time ,any time you want to read Quran you can. You can save your time. Any age of people can recite Quran according to their schedule. We Provide One Week Free Trial classes to Kids and Adults of any age of Person so if any one can not get satisfaction he/she can leave us without spending even single penny.

“Continue reciting Quran because on the day of judgement it will appear as an intercessor for the reciter”